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About the Owner

Rochelle Mathews


MA 58751

       As an avid supporter of the wellness community for well over 20 years, Rochelle takes great pride in providing an exceptional holistic healthcare experience for her patients.


      She holds a Florida state license in Medical Massage Therapy and is certified in a vast number of modalities, with board certifications in the specialties of: 

  • Osteopathic Myo-skeletal Manual Therapy

  • Restorative Sports Massage Therapy

  • Intuitive healing-prayer healing

  • Pastoral care-counseling (coming soon)

      Currently enrolled at Harvard University and the University of the People, she stands at Magna C. Laude, with a GPA of 4.0. in pursuit of her Doctoral degree in Osteopathic/Naturopathic medicine.

      She holds awards such as Ambassador of the Health Science depts. Is a member in good standing of the AMTA. FSMTA & C.M.A board of Complementary Medicine-UK division, and enjoys inspiring others to pursue their healthcare goals through clinical education and emotional support.  

      When not in session, she enjoys reading, writing children's books and poetry, singing, playing piano, teaching healing, and tending to her family farm alongside her family.


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My Approach

      Founded in 2018 as a DBA to Calm Palm Wellness, The Lutz Wellness Spa was designed to be a Holistic Haven for those who seek a Naturopathic approach to their medicinal care.

      As a Therapeutic Wellness Spa dedicated to promoting a healthy, and safe, alternative medicine practice that aids in not only managing your pain but soothing your discomfort, it's our pleasure to offer you healing treatments that don’t just focus on your symptoms—they find and treat the root of the problem so you can get back to doing the things you love to do!

      Are you ready to transform your life? 

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